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Spiny Dogfish Regulations Delayed until April 3, 2000

Date: March 28, 2000

Dear Spiny Dogfish Permit Holders and Dealers:

This is to inform you that the effective date of the final rule to implement the Spiny Dogfish Fishery Management Plan (FMP) has been delayed from March 27, 2000, until April 3, 2000. This delay was necessary to provide the Secretary of Commerce with adequate time to evaluate the alternatives recently offered by the Mid-Atlantic and New England Fishery Management Councils before proceeding with implementation of the FMP. The final rule was to have been effective February 10, 2000; however, its effectiveness was delayed until March 15, 2000, and again until March 27, 2000.

Among the measures delayed by this action are spiny dogfish permit and reporting requirements for commercial vessels, operators, and dealers; and the 5% dogfish fin-to-carcass ratio. If you have already received your federal Spiny Dogfish permit, it will become valid upon the effective date of April 3, 2000, rather than March 27, 2000.

This is only a summary of some of the regulations that are delayed until April 3, 2000. A complete summary of the measures contained in the spiny dogfish final rule and delayed by this action is available in the permit holder letter dated January 10, 2000. A copy of that letter and the entire spiny dogfish regulations are available at the Northeast Regional Office website at http://www.wh.whoi.edu/ro/doc/nero.html.

This notice is authorized by the Regional Administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service

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