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How Allocation Owners Can Purchase Atlantic Surf Clam and Ocean Quahog Cage Tags

Date: October 23, 2000



Dear Atlantic Surf Clam/Ocean Quahog Allocation Owner:

This is to inform you that allocation owners must purchase their Atlantic surf clam and ocean quahog tags according to the following procedures:

Tags have been assigned to you based upon the proposed specifications for the year 2001 fishery, which are scheduled to be published shortly in the Federal Register. A preprinted order form for your tags is enclosed with this letter. To order your tags, please return the enclosed preprinted form to NATIONAL BAND AND TAG COMPANY along with a check or money order payable to NATIONAL BAND AND TAG COMPANY for the amount indicated on the form, which corresponds to the cost for the number of tags that have been initially allocated to you. The price for each tag is $ 0.15. Orders must be placed for both Atlantic surf clam and ocean quahog tags at the same time.

To ensure that you have your tags by January 1, 2001, please submit your order before November 21, 2000. If, for any reason, the final overall quotas published in the Federal Register differ from those proposed, we will require that you return excess tags or order additional tags. Your initial allocation permit is also enclosed in this packet. Please retain this permit and examine your tag shipment upon receipt to assure that the tags received correspond to the tags shown on your initial allocation permit. If you have questions or problems concerning the tags received, please contact Walt Gardiner at (978) 281-9326.

If your address has changed in the past year, please note the correction on the order form so we can correct our records. Remember, the tags are for the year 2001 fishery and may not be used for fishing activities conducted in 2000. In addition, please remember that no permanent tag transfers will be allowed from October 15, 2000, through January 1, 2001, and no temporary transfers will be allowed from December 10, 2000, through January 1, 2001.

This notice is authorized by the Regional Administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service

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