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Deadline for Limited Access Hook-Gear Permits Extended

Date: May 9, 1997

Dear Permit Holder:

This letter is to notify you that the application deadline for vessel owners to apply for a limited-access multispecies Hook-Gear permit has been extended to June 30, 1997. The National Marine Fisheries Service will accept applications, up until this date, from owners whose vessel held an open-access Hook-Gear permit during the 1995 fishing year and who are applying for the first time for the limited-access Hook-Gear permit. The eligibility criteria established by Amendment 7 to the Northeast Multispecies Fishery Management Plan have not changed. For your convenience, they are listed below.

To obtain a limited access Hook-Gear permit, a vessel must meet the following eligibility criteria:

1) The vessel must have been issued an open access Hook-Gear permit during the 1995 fishing year, and

2) The vessel owner or operator must have submitted, no later than January 26, 1996, fishing log reports for the period June 1, 1994 through June 1, 1995, while fishing with hook gear under the Amendment 5 open access Hook-Gear permit, and

3) The fishing log reports must document landings totaling at least 500 lbs of multispecies finfish (or its equivalent in numbers of fish).

These criteria are the same as implemented by Amendment 7 on July 1, 1996. Therefore, if you already applied for this category and received a letter stating you did not qualify, you should not apply again.

Vessels qualifying for this category will be allocated the Fleet allocation of days-at-sea (DAS), which, for the 1997 fishing year is 88 DAS. When fishing under a DAS, vessels are prohibited from having gear other than hook gear on board the vessel and may not possess more than 4,500 rigged hooks. Vessels in this category may not change to another limited-access category.

To obtain a permit application to apply for a limited access Hook-Gear permit, please call (508) 281- 9278.

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