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White Hake Experimental Longline Fishery

Date: July 14, 1997

Dear Multispecies Limited Access Permit Holder,

A new experimental longline fishery for white hake in deepwater areas of the northwest Atlantic has recently been approved. An experimental fishery permit (EFP) is available to vessel owners that currently possess a valid Federal limited access multispecies permit. An EFP would exempt vessels from requirements of the Northeast Multispecies Days at Sea Program during the time the vessel would be participating (participation period).

While enrolled in the white hake experiment, participants must fish exclusively with longline gear in waters greater than 80 fathoms in three pre-determined areas described on the reverse side of this letter. Reporting requirements will include a comprehensive summary report at the end of the participation period in addition to the regular vessel trip reports. Additional conditions and requirements will apply to all vessels. Interested parties should call the Northeast Fisheries Information Line at 508-281-9278. Vessel owners wishing to enroll in the fishery may apply for an EFP by faxing (508-281-9380), calling (508-281-9370) or mailing a written request to the address given above. Please mark the outside of the envelope "White Hake Experimental Fishery."

Requests must include the following information:

1. vessel owner's name and mailing address

2. vessel name

3. vessel's Federal fisheries permit number

4. desired participation period

The participation period must be a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 90 days. EFPs will become valid when the EFP is received by the vessel owner and placed on board the vessel. Withdrawal from the program may be requested by calling 508-281-9370. This experimental fishery terminates on April 30, 1998. For additional information you may call the Fishery Management Division at 508-281-9226.


Participating vessels may only fish in waters greater than 80 fathoms and only in the following areas:

Area 1 is bounded by the US-Canada Maritime Boundary on the eastern edge between points A and D, and by straight lines connecting all other points.

Area 1
Points Latitude Longitude
A 44o11.2' N 67o16.7' W
B 43o55' N 68o10' W
C 43o10' N 68o10' W
D 43o10' N 67o38.7' W
Area 2 is bounded by the US-Canada Maritime Boundary on the eastern edge between points A and E, and by straight lines connecting all other points.

Area 2
Points Latitude Longitude
A 42o52.3' N 67o43.9' W
B 42o30' N 69o00' W
C 41o55' N 69o00' W
D 42o18.5' N 67o20' W
E 42o22.1' N 67o20' W

Area 3 is defined as all fishing grounds in US waters of the western Atlantic Ocean south of 40o10'N latitude, north of 35o15.3'N latitude, the latitude of Cape Hatteras Light, NC, and east of 72o30' W longitude.

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