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Atlantic Sea Scallop Mid-Atlantic Closed Areas



Date: March 26, 1998

The National Marine Fisheries Service announces closure of two areas in the Mid-Atlantic to scallop fishing to protect high concentrations of juvenile scallops. The following measures are effective April 3, 1998, through September 27, 1998, with the possibility for extension by 180 days.

1) Fishing for sea scallops in, or possession or retention of sea scallops from, the areas known as the Hudson Canyon South or the Virginia Beach Closed Areas is prohibited (see coordinates below and attached chart). Possession of sea scallops in those areas while transiting is prohibited unless all gear onboard is properly stowed and not available for immediate use in accordance with the transitting and gear stowage provisions of 648.23(b) and 648.81(e).

2) Vessels not fishing under a scallop DAS and fishing for species other than scallops in these areas may not have scallop dredge gear available for immediate use and must stow their dredge gear in accordance with the provisions of 648.23(b) and 648.81(e).

3) Vessels authorized to fish in an experimental fishery under a Letter of Authorization issued by the Northeast Regional Administrator are prohibited from conducting experimental fishing in the closed areas.

This notice is only a summary of the major provisions. To read the requirements in their entirety, you are encouraged to obtain a complete copy of the regulations by calling (978) 281-9315, or by accessing the Federal Register Online through the NMFS Northeast Regional Homepage at http://www.nero.nmfs.gov/ro/doc/nero.html.

Hudson Canyon South Closed Area Virginia Beach Closed Area
Point Latitude Longitude Point Latitude Longitude
H1 3930'N. 7310'W. V1 3700'N. 7455'W.
H2 3930'N. 7230'W. V2 3700'N. 7435'W.
H3 3830'N. 7330'W. V3 3625'N. 7445'W.
H4 3840'N. 7350'W. V4 3625'N. 7455'W.

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