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Summer Flounder, Scup, & Black Sea Bass Recreational Regulations

Date: May 20, 1998

Dear Commercial and Charter/Party Vessel Permit Holders:

The following management measures for the 1998 summer flounder, scup, and black sea bass recreational fisheries are effective as of June 20, 1998. These measures are established to attain coastwide recreational harvest limits of 7.41 million lb for summer flounder; 1.553 million lb for scup; and 3.148 million lb for black sea bass. These measures are unchanged from the proposed measures published in the Federal Register on March 17, 1998.

SUMMER FLOUNDER 15" total length 8 fish/person None
BLACK SEA BASS 10" total length None Closed August 1-15
SCUP (PORGY) 7" total length None None

Please note that an open-access federal party/charter vessel permit is required for any vessel carrying passengers for hire and fishing for any of these species in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), generally the waters between 3 miles and 200 miles from shore. It is a condition of this permit that all fishing activity is subject to the federal requirements, whether such fishing occurs in the EEZ or landward of the EEZ (state waters). Unless otherwise noted in specific regulations, when a federal requirement and a management measure required by a state or local entity differ, any vessel issued a federal permit must comply with the more restrictive requirement.

For further information please call the Fisheries Information Line at 978-281-9278. You may obtain a vessel permit application from the Northeast Region Permit Office at 978-281-9370.

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