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Scallop Framework 10 Approved

Date: August 27, 1998

Dear Permit Holder:

Framework 10 to the Atlantic Sea Scallop Management Plan (FMP) has been approved. This framework extends the measures approved under Amendment 5 to the FMP and authorizes an 18 month closure period to allow scientists and technical experts, in cooperation with fishers, to conduct an experiment and demonstration project involving sea scallop research, enhancement and aquaculture. The action closes a nine square mile site to mobile fishing gear, partially closes the site to non-mobile gear, and temporarily exempts vessels participating in the experiment from fishing regulations. The area will be closed between August 28, 1998, through February 28, 2000. The area is:

Sea Scallop Experimental Fishing Area

Point Latitude Longitude
1 4111.8' N. 7050' W.
2 4111.8' N. 7046' W.
3 4108.8' N. 7046' W.
4 4108.8' N. 7050' W.

The action prohibits fishing activities within the Scallop Experimental Fishing Area, except handgear fishing. Fishing with lobster pots, traps, and longline gear is also permitted provided you apply for and obtain an allowed gear permit (AGP) issued by the Regional Administrator. If your vessel will be participating in project activities within or outside of the area, you will need to apply for an experimental fishing permit (EFP) from the Regional Administrator.

You may use the attached form to apply for an AGP or EFP. Applications must be received at least 30 days before the desired effective date of the AGP or EFP. Vessels receiving AGPs may be required to move their gear within, or remove their gear from, the area upon notification by the Regional Administrator. All vessels receiving AGPs or EFPs must comply with any additional restrictions specified in the permit.

For more information, please call (978)281-9273.



Date of Application (30 days prior to start of fishing trip)

Type of Permit (Check One):

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Applicant's Name:

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Vessel Name:

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NMFS Permit Number:

Coast Guard Documentation Number:

Species Expected to Harvest:



Fill-in All That Apply:

Gear Type:


Buoy Colors:

Trap Identification Markings:

Amount of Gear That Will Be Used:

Exact Time(s) Fishing Will Take Place in the Scallop Experimental Fishing Area:


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Return this form 30 days prior to fishing trip to: NMFS, Attn.: Scallop Experimental Area Permit, 1 Blackburn Drive, Gloucester, MA 01930

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