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Experimental Mahogany Quahog Fishery

Date: October 23, 1996

Dear Mahogany Experimental Fishery Certificate Holder:

This letter is to clarify the reporting requirements for vessels participating in the Maine Mahogany Quahog Experimental Fishery. All owners of vessels issued Experimental Fishing Certificates must meet the reporting requirements specified in 648.7 of the surfclam and ocean quahog regulations, which require participants to submit surfclam and ocean quahog logbooks.

All catch and effort information must be filled in including name of buyer and either the longitude/latitude or loran bearing in the Area Fished section of the logbook. In previous mahogany quahog experiments, vessel operators were instructed to leave the Allocation Number and Tag Number sections of the logbook blank. However, as a requirement of this experiment, vessel operators are requested to provide the State tag number in the Tag Number section and record the appropriate jurisdictional codes in the Allocation Number section as follows:

Q777 Maine State Waters

Q888 Federal Waters

Q999 State & Federal Waters

Use the Q999 code only for those trips when the vessel has been fishing virtually on the 3-mile boundary line, or taken significant harvests from both state and federal waters on the same trip. Please disregard the previous directions noted in the letter dated October 8, 1996, which instructed vessel operators to place the aforementioned codes in the Area Fished section of the logbook. The location of the catch is a critical component to this experiment and it is imperative that both the loran bearing (or longitude/latitude) and the jurisdictional area of the quahog harvest is provided.

I appreciate your strong commitment to the mahogany quahog fishery and look forward to your continued support of this experiment. If you are in need of logbooks or have additional questions, please call David Gouveia at (508) 281-9280.

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