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GLOBEC Moorings on Georges Bank

Date: July 7, 1999

Dear Permit Holder;

We'd like to alert you to the positions of seven moorings on Georges Bank, each outfitted with oceanographic instruments. The moorings were originally placed inside the southwestern corner of Closed Area II, but were recently moved into adjacent, open waters when that area was opened to scallop dredging. We hope this information will help minimize the risk of damage to both fishing gear and the instruments.

Presently the moorings are east of the Demarcation Line for the newly opened scallop fishery, and west of Closed Area II, about 6 NM from their original locations (click here). The exact positions of the surface buoys are registered with the U. S. Coast Guard as temporary Private Aids to Navigation. All equipment at the sites will be recovered during the last week of August, 1999:

Mooring Number Latitude N Longitude W Depth (meters)
1 41° 8.79 67° 26.54 57
2 41° 7.20 67° 25.75 58
3 41° 5.91 67° 24.99 59
4 41° 4.95 67° 24.56 60
5 41° 3.95 67° 23.99 63
6 41° 2.68 67° 23.35 63
7 41° 0.20 67° 22.82 68

Each site is marked by a standard yellow oceanographic surface buoy (click here) including a yellow flashing light and radar reflector. There are up to three different individual instruments at each site. Only the guard buoys will be visible at the surface.

The instruments are collecting information in the final field season of a large-scale, five-year study of Georges Bank as an ecosystem involving more than 140 researchers from 40 different institutions in four countries. The data collectors on these moorings are measuring water velocity and temperature at depth, and water salinity, temperature, and pressure at the bottom.

For more information on the US GLOBEC study of Georges Bank, visit this website: http://globec.whoi.edu

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