NMFS News Release

Northeast Regional Office
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Gloucester, MA 01930


Date: August 5, 1999

Dear Permit Holder:

We understand that a NMFS approved observer was on board your vessel during at least one trip on which you had declared into the Georges Bank Sea Scallop Exemption Program (Exemption Program). We would like to thank you for your participation and cooperation, and notify you of the observer payment protocol outlined below.


Vessel owners selected to carry an observer are authorized to possess and to land an additional 200 pounds of scallop meats for each day the vessel is away from port for six or more hours. This extra amount (over the 10,000 pound possession limit) is to finance the cost of the observer as well as to compensate the vessel and its crew for any inconvenience. For example, if your vessel is away from port for 5 days, with an observer placed onboard by NMFS, the vessel would be authorized to possess and land up to 11,200 pounds of scallop meats (10,000 pound trip limit + 1,200 pounds for the 5 observer days).


Vessel owners selected to carry an observer while participating in the Exemption Program are required to pay $425.00 per day for the observer coverage. The remainder is kept by the vessel owner. Using the example above, a vessel that was declared into the Exemption Program for 5 days and carrying an observer would be allowed to possess up to 11,200 pounds of scallop meats, and would have an observer payment of $2,550.00 ($425.00 x 6 days). The remaining money, $3,450.00 (1,200 pounds x $5.00 = $6,000 - $2,550.00) would go to the vessel owner.


Bank or cashiers checks for the cost of the observer must be made out to the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation (NFWF). For trips ending July 30, 1999, and thereafter, checks must be received within one week of the date landed (as instructed in a July 30, 1999, permit holder letter). For each observed trip that ended prior to July 30, 1999, please mail your check or checks to NFWF by August 14, 1999. All checks must be accompanied with a note containing the following information: "Sea Scallop Observer Fund 99-295", vessel name, permit number, owner or operator name, time and date of departure, and time and date of return for each trip, to:

National Fish & Wildlife Foundation

Attn.: Gris Batchelder, Suite 900

1120 Connecticut Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20036

If you have any questions, please call the Fisheries Information Line at (978) 281-9278.

This notice is authorized by the Regional Administrator of the

National Marine Fisheries Service

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