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Notice of Control Date for Atlantic Herring Fishery

Date September 16, 1999

Dear Permit Holder:

This letter serves to inform you of action recently taken by the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) on behalf of the New England Fishery Management Council (Council) relating to the development of a controlled access system for the Atlantic herring (herring) fishery.

The Council recently requested, and NMFS published, a control date for the herring fishery. The publication of this notice of control date in the Federal Register serves to notify the public that: the Council is considering future action to control the number of participants in the herring fishery; anyone entering the fishery on or after the control date will not be assured of future access should a management scheme limiting the number of participants in the fishery be implemented; participants entering the fishery after the control date may be treated differently based on herring management areas and domestic harvesting capacity; and the Council may implement a controlled access system for the inshore Gulf of Maine management area prior to a controlled access system in other management areas.

This notice is purely advisory. At this time, other than the Northeast multispecies regulation that requires a letter of authorization be issued to vessels utilizing mid-water trawl and purse seine gear in the Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank Regulated Mesh Areas, there are no federal regulations or federal permit requirements for the herring fishery.

The control date for herring is: September 16, 1999

The Federal Register notice that established this control date contains additional information regarding the use and possible implementation of this control date. To obtain a copy of this notice, please call (978) 281-9278.

This notice is authorized by the Regional Administrator of the

National Marine Fisheries Service

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