Report Run on: 2018-12-13

For data reported through 2018-12-12

Quota Period: 2018

Quota period dates: January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018

Most Recent Weeks Landings (Pounds) Cumulative Landings (Pounds) Quota (Pounds) Percent of Quota (%)
Total 12,378 19,098,788 20,231,822 94.40%
Tier 3 9,502 282,803 1,416,228 19.97%

Atlantic Mackerel


The directed fishery for Atlantic mackerel will close when 95% of the quota is projected to be harvested.

Tier 3 Vessels


Vessels issued Tier 3 Atlantic Mackerel permits are allocated 7% of the total annual mackerel quota. When 90% of the Tier 3 allocation is projected to be harvested, the possession limit will be reduced to 20,000 lb per trip per day.

These data are the best available to NOAA Fisheries Service when this report was compiled. Data are supplied to NOAA Fisheries Service by dealers via Dealer Electronic Reporting to the Atlantic Coastal Cooperative Statistics Program (ACCSP) and/or by state agencies and may be preliminary. Discrepancies with data from previous Weekly Landings Reports are due to corrections made to the database.