Northeast Multispecies Fishery
Final Year-End Results for Fishing Year 2016
- Tables 1 through 5:  Total groundfish caught, landed, and discard estimates
- Table 6:  Estimated state water catch (updated February 8, 2018)*
- Tables 7-9:  Other sub-component catch detail
- Table 10: FY 2014 through FY 2016 GOM cod and haddock recreational catch evaluation
- Table 11: Sector carryover
- Tables 12 through 17: U.S./Canada stocks catch evaluation
*Estimated state water catch was updated to include Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (Mass DMF) data for the January through April 2017 time period, and to include Mass DMF harvester data used to apportion groundfish species to stock areas.
In this report: a table cell value of "0" or "0.0" indicates a non-zero value in the cell.  "-" is displayed for values exactly equal to zero.  Blanks are shown when there are no values.  "NA" is displayed when no value is applicable.