Table 14: FY 2016 End of Year Accounting of Transboundary U.S./Canada Stocks - U.S. Catch (mt)
U.S. Catch U.S. Catch by Fishery Component 
Stock Groundfish Sector Common Pool Recreational Herring Fishery* Scallop Fishery Small Mesh Fisheries State Water Other
A to H A+B+C A B C D E F G H
Eastern GB Cod        82.1            82.0        82.0                      -                          -             0.0
Eastern GB Haddock      588.0          549.0      549.0                      -                      29.2                     -             9.8
GB Yellowtail Flounder        30.7            23.9        23.9                      -                 2.1                  4.8                 -             0.0
Note these use FY11 scallop contribution
*Estimated.  Worst case haddock catch should not exceed 119 mt.
Values in live weight
Includes estimate of missing dealer reports
Source:  NMFS Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office
September 27, 2017
Table 15: FY 2016 End of Year Transboundary U.S./Canada Vessels, Trips, DAS Used, and Observers
Area1 Number of Vessels Number of Trips DAS Used Number of Observed Trips
Sector Common Pool Sector Common Pool Sector Common Pool Sector Common Pool
Eastern U.S./Canada Area 47 0 299 0 2,015 0 44 0
Western U.S./Canada Area 58 0 642 0 3,745 0 102 0
Total 59 0 689 0 3,996 0 107 0
1Area based on area fished.  Totals don't sum due to multi-area trips
Data display "NA" due to data confidentiality.
Source:  NMFS Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office Any value for a non-allocated species may be due to landings of that stock; misreporting of species and/or stock area; and/or estimated landings (in lieu of missing reports) based on vessel histories. 
September 27, 2017
These data are the best available to NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS). Data sources for this report include: (1) Vessels via VMS; (2) Vessels via vessel logbook reports; (3) Dealers via Dealer Electronic reporting. Differences with previous reports are due to corrections made to the database.