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Catch Monitoring

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Quota Period Dates:
July 13 2011
April 30 2010
May 1, 2010 to April 30, 2011

StockSub-ACL (mt)Cumulative Catch (mt)Percent Caught
GB Cod East 325 253.578.0
GB Cod 3,3022,745.883.2
GOM Cod 4,3273,617.183.6
Plaice 2,7481,503.754.7
GB Winter Flounder 1,8231,382.475.8
GOM Winter Flounder 133 80.760.7
Witch Flounder 827 695.484.1
CC/GOM Yellowtail Flounder 729 559.876.8
GB Yellowtail Flounder 803 739.092.0
SNE/MA Yellowtail Flounder 235 152.564.9
GB Haddock East11,9131,823.115.3
GB Haddock40,1868,248.020.5
GOM Haddock 799 370.546.4
White Hake 2,5052,215.688.4
Redfish 6,7562,143.331.7

The 2010 Quota Period began on May 1, 2010, therefore this report does not contain any landings reported prior to May 1, 2010.
These data are the best available to NOAA's National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) when this report was compiled. Data for this report may be supplied to NOAA Fisheries Service (NMFS) from the following sources: (1) vessels via Vessel Monitoring System; (2) Vessel Trip Reports; (3) fish dealer purchase reports; and the (4) NOAA Fisheries Service Observer Program, through audited observer reports submitted by the Northeast Fisheries Science Center. Data in this report are for landings made through July 08 2011 and may be preliminary. Differences with data from previous reports are due to corrections made to the database and updates to observer data.