Report Run on: 2024-07-18

For data reported through 2024-07-17

Quota Period: 2024, SUMMER

Quota period dates: 2024-05-01 to 2024-09-30

Previously Reported Landings (Pounds) Previous Weeks Updates (Pounds) Current Weeks Landings (Pounds) Cumulative Landings (Pounds)
5 0 0 5


The final 2024 scup specifications were updated through a final action effective on 1/1/2024 (88 FR 88266).

Negative landings can be the result of updates to the database (e.g. reported Research Set-Aside landings are subtracted from the Commercial Current Week’s Landings or Previous Weeks’ Updates). As a result, the Commercial Current Week’s Landings or Previous Weeks’ Updates can be negative.

The data used to produce this report are the best available to NOAA Fisheries at the time the report was generated. Data for this report are primarily from data received through various NOAA Fisheries data collection programs, which include data from our partner organizations, such as: Vessel Monitoring Systems; Vessel Trip Reports; Dealer Purchase Reports; and the Northeast Fisheries Observer Program. As part of its data quality assurance/quality control program, NOAA Fisheries routinely audits and corrects data, which may lead to differences between quota monitoring reports.