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Port Agent Team

The Greater Atlantic Region has port staff strategically located throughout the region and within the communities they serve.  Port Agents regularly interact with members of the fishing industry in-person, and are uniquely positioned to hear about significant economic, biological, and social fisheries-related concerns in their areas.

Port Agents provide regulatory and other information to federally permitted commercial fishermen, seafood dealers and processors. They also interact with for-hire vessel owners, recreational anglers, and the general public.  They assist seafood dealers and vessel owners and captains with reporting requirements, navigating the permitting process, and understanding our fisheries regulations and associated processes. Our staff convey information from constituents back to NOAA staff. Lastly, we provide oversight to a sampling team that gathers biological samples of fish and shellfish landed by commercial fishermen for use in fisheries stock assessments.  Click here for a list of local Port Agent Field Offices.

Back Row: Josh O'Connor, Steven Ellis, Pam Thames, Joanne Pellegrino, Greg Power, Victor Vecchio, Walter Anoushian
Front Row: Caleb Gilbert, Don Mason, and Dr. Kevin Chu.  Bill Duffy, Port Agent in New Bedford, is absent from the photo.