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Northeast Regional Office Name Change

NOAA Fisheries has changed the name of the Northeast Regional Office to the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office. We’re doing this at the direction of Congress to better reflect the broad extent of our region, which spans from Maine to North Carolina and includes the Great Lakes. 

So as of today, we’ll start to use our new name in various communications. For instance, you’ll see our new name reflected on the home page of our regional office website, in emails and letters. When you call our office or one of our staff give a talk, you’ll hear the new name. Seafood dealers and fishermen will also see news about the name change when they log into various NOAA Fisheries catch and fish sales reporting systems such as SIMMs or Fish-on-Line.

Our goal is to make this transition as seamless as possible for constituents, but it will take some time to modify all of our operating systems, forms and procedures to reflect the new name. However, over time, you will see Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office and/or the Greater Atlantic Region used on all of our webpages, and in print and electronic communications materials, regulatory actions and legal documents.  

This change is in line with recent efforts to expand our presence in the Mid-Atlantic region. Our new Assistant Regional Administrator for Stakeholder Engagement, Kevin Chu, is based in Maryland and oversees our communications and fishing industry outreach teams. Click here to read more about this news.

So how will this change affect our constituents?

We don't expect there to be much of an impact on our constituents as we make this transition. But, we realize that it will take time for our stakeholders to become adjusted to seeing this new name and using it themselves.

As always, please feel free to contact our offices if you have questions about this news or other matters. You can reach us at 978-281-9300 or visit us at