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GOM cod interim management measures

Atlantic cod. Photo credit: NOAA Fisheries

We are implementing interim management measures to immediately reduce fishing pressure on the Gulf of Maine cod stock. We also hope to minimize fishing related impacts on spawning-related activities so we can help prevent further deterioration in stock condition.  

The New England Fishery Management Council is preparing measures to end overfishing and further protect the stock through a subsequent management action, which will be implemented in the 2015 fishing year.  

We expect that the interim measures, in combination with strong measures developed by the council, will help halt overfishing on the Gulf of Maine cod stock and improve the chances of stock rebuilding.

Specific interim management measures include


Click here to read the proposed measures

Click here to view the Environmental Assessment


Stock Status

  • Overfished
  • Overfishing is occurring
  • Continued deterioration of stock condition since last assessment
  • Spawning stock biomass at historic low -- just 3-4% of levels deemed sustainable
  • Recruitment at all time low

To see 2014 update or 2012 assessment visit our NE Fisheries Science Center website.