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GOM haddock emergency management measures

haddock.  Photo credit: NOAA Fisheries


For Gulf of Maine haddock, where stock condition has improved since our last assessment in 2012, we are increasing the commercial fishery quota from from approximately 676,812 pounds to around 1.3 million pounds.

Based on the available science, this increase is actually a conservative response to the improved stock condition. However, we felt a precautionary quota increase was wise given the uncertainty over the strength of the incoming year class (uncertainty surrounding the number of fish that are expected to reach legal size and be available to the fishery).

The quota increase helps to alleviate some of the financial loss due to the implementation of necessary management measures to protect the Gulf of Maine cod stock. 

There will not be any additional fishing opportunity granted to the recreational fishery through this action. The reason for this is because even with a quota increase, the recreational fishery is still expected to exceed its annual quota for the haddock stock. Additionally, allowing further fishing opportunity by this segment of the fishery would also put additional pressure on cod, which is caught by recreational fishermen when targeting haddock.

Stock Status

  • Not Overfished
  • Overfishing not occurring
  • Stock condition improved since last assessment
  • Spawning Stock Biomass (mature fish) above levels deemed sustainable


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