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Join us for a Chat on Twitter to Learn More about Skates

NOAA Fisheries Policy Analyst Tobey Curtis holding a thorny skate. Photo credit: NOAA Fisheries

Little skate.  Photo credit: NOAA Fisheries

Tobey Curtis is a Fishery Policy Analyst at NOAA Fisheries’ Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office in Gloucester, MA.  His work mainly focuses on the management of regional fisheries for skates, spiny dogfish, and bluefish.  Additionally, Tobey has been studying sharks and rays for over 15 years, conducting research on ecology, behavior, and fisheries for a variety of species.  He is currently a Ph.D. Candidate at the School for Marine Science and Technology (SMAST) at the University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth. 

If you missed the chance to ask Tobey questions about skates on Twitter on Thursday June 5, not to worry, we've captured the essence of the discussion for you here.  

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