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GARFO eVTR App Available for Online Reporting

With our new NOAA Fish Online App (iOS), you can now submit your electronic Vessel Trip Reports (eVTRs) using your iPhone or iPad. With the free app, you can:

Reports submitted via this app will meet all of GARFO’s reporting requirements for both commercial (except ITQ Clams) and recreational fishing.

If you have a valid Federal fishing permit and would like to use this convenient app, first contact our Help Desk at 978-281-9188 or to obtain log-in information. Then search for “NOAA EVTR” in the Apple App Store, use the Filters dropdown menu to select “iPhone Only”, and download the free app to your iOS device. Our Help Desk is available if you need additional assistance.

In addition to our NOAA Fish Online App, we approved other applications for electronic reporting. Go to our Electronic Vessel Trip Reporting website for more information.