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Points of Contact

Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office and Northeast Fisheries Science Center Recreational Fisheries Points of Contact (click on each name for email address)

Regional Office (John Bullard, Regional Administrator)

Recreational Fisheries Coordinator

Moira Kelly, Sustainable Fisheries Division

Stakeholder Engagement Division

Dr. Kevin Chu, Assistant Regional Administrator

Greg Power, Port Agent Supervisor

 Port AgentsPam Thames (Portland, ME), Caleb Gilbert (Gloucester, MA), Bill Duffy (New Bedford, MA), Walt Anoushian (Narragansett, RI), Vic Vecchio (East Hampton, NY), Joanne Pellegrino (Toms River, NJ), Josh O’Connor (Northfield, NJ), Steve Ellis (Hampton, VA)

Sustainable Fisheries Division

Michael Pentony, Assistant Regional Administrator

Emily Gilbert, Summer Flounder, Scup, Black Sea Bass

Doug Potts, Tilefish

Mark Grant, Groundfish recreational lead

Protected Resources Division

Ellen Keane, Sea Turtles

Allison Rosner, Marine Mammals

Diane Borggaard, Sturgeon & Salmon

Habitat Conservation Division & Habitat Restoration Center

Lou Chiarella,  Assistant Regional Administrator for Habitat Conservation

John Catena, Northeast & Great Lakes Regional Supervisor, NOAA Restoration Center

Analysis and Program Support Division

Jim St. Cyr, Acting Assistant Regional Administrator

Dr. Jay Hermsen, Statistician, Commission Recreational Technical Committee Member

Jim St. Cyr, Supervisor, Vessel and Dealer Reporting Group

Science Center (Dr. Jon Hare, Director)

Recreational Fishing Coordinator

Dr. Earl Meredith, Cooperative Research

Populations Dynamics Branch

Dr. Gary Shepard, MRIP Operations Team Member, Black sea bass and striped bass stock assessment lead

Dr. Mark Terceiro, Summer flounder and scup stock assessment lead

Dr. Anthony Wood, Bluefish stock assessment lead

Michael Palmer, Gulf of Maine cod and haddock stock assessment lead

Paul Nitschke, Tilefish stock assessment lead

Social Sciences Branch

Scott Steinbeck, Recreational fisheries economics