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Gulf of Maine/Georges Bank Monkfish Gillnet Exemption

Exemption: Vessels may fish with gillnets in the Gulf of Maine (GOM) / Georges Bank (GB) Monkfish Gillnet Fishery Exemption Area without also fishing on a Northeast (NE) multispecies day-at-sea (DAS) if the vessel complies with the requirements below.

GOM/GB Gillnet Exemption Area Map

Area: The GOM/GB Monkfish Gillnet Fishery Exemption Area is defined by straight lines connecting the following points in the order stated:

N. Latitude W. Longitude
41°35’ 70°00’
42°49.5’ 70°00’
42°49.5’ 69°40’
43°12’ 69°00’
Maine Shoreline 69°00’

Season: July 1 through September 14.

Gear: Vessels fishing under this exemption are restricted to using gillnets with a minimum mesh size of 10 inches (diamond) throughout the net.

Requirements: A vessel fishing under this exemption may not fish for, possess on board, or land any species of fish other than monkfish and/or American lobster (up to 10 percent by weight of all other species on board, or 200 lobsters, whichever is less).

Note: Unless fishing exclusively in state waters, to land and possess monkfish, vessels are required to obtain a Federal monkfish permit and adhere to any applicable monkfish regulations.