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Mid-Atlantic Exemption Area

Exemption: A vessel may fish for monkfish in the Mid-Atlantic Exemption Area without also fishing on a Northeast (NE) multispecies day-at-sea (DAS), provided that the vessel complies with the requirements below.

Mid-Atlantic Exemption Area Map

Area: The Mid-Atlantic Exemption Area (EA) is defined as the entire managed Mid-Atlantic region west of the Southern New England (SNE) EA (see map above). Thus, it is bounded on the east by the western boundary of the SNE EA: Which is a line running from the Rhode Island shoreline at 41°18.2′ N. lat. and 71°51.5′ W. long. (Watch Hill, RI), southwesterly through Fishers Island, NY, to Race Point, Fishers Island, NY. From Race Point, Fishers Island, NY; southeasterly to the intersection of the 3-nautical mile line east of Montauk Point; southwesterly along the 3-nautical mile line to the intersection of 72°30′ W. long.; and south along that line to the intersection of the outer boundary of the EEZ.

In this Exemption Area, a vessel may fish for monkfish and does not need to be on NE multispecies trip as long as it does not possess or land any regulated multispecies (i.e., American plaice, Atlantic cod, Atlantic halibut, haddock, ocean pout, pollock, redfish, white hake, windowpane flounder, winter flounder, witch flounder, and yellowtail flounder).

Season: All year.

Gear: There are no specific gear requirements (such as a minimum mesh size) for this exempted fishery; however, the smallest mesh size fished on a trip in this exemption area can affect a vessel's monkfish possession limit for the trip. Please refer to the table on the "Commercial">"Exempted Fisheries" tab on the Monkfish Species Page for more information. Also, please check the gear requirements for any other Federal fishing permits for any other fisheries in which you are participating.

Requirements: No NE multispecies may be retained when participating in this exempted fishery. Check the regulations and requirements of any other fisheries in which you may also be participating with the understanding that you will be held to the most restrictive rule.

Note: Unless fishing exclusively in state waters, to land and possess monkfish, vessels are required to obtain a Federal monkfish permit and adhere to any applicable monkfish regulations.