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2017 Quotas

2017 Annual Scup Specifications (January 1-December 31)

Overfishing Limit (OFL) 32.09 million lb
Acceptable Biological Catch (ABC) 28.40 million lb
Commercial Annual Catch Limit (ACL)
and Annual Catch Target (ACT)
22.15 million lb
Recreational ACL and ACT 6.25 million lb
Commercial Quota 18.38 million lb
Recreational Harvest Limit (RHL) 5.50 million lb

Research Set-Aside:  0 lb

Quota Period Months Quota (lb)
Winter I January to April 8,291,190
Summer May to October 7,158,986
Winter II* November to December 2,929,762
Total January to December 18,379,939

*Inseason adjustments not reflected here