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Southern New England Exemption Area

Southern New England Exemption Area Map

Area: The Southern New England (SNE) Exemption Area (EA), as seen above, is defined by straight lines as described below:

The SNE EA is bounded on the West by a line running from the Rhode Island shoreline at 41°18.2' N. lat. and 71°51.5' W. long. (Watch Hill, RI) southwesterly through Fishers Island, NY, to Race Point, Fishers Island, NY; and from Race Point, Fishers Island, NY, southeasterly to the intersection of the 3-nautical mile line east of Montauk Point; southwesterly along the 3-nautical mile line to the intersection of 72°30' W. long., and south along that line to the intersection of the outer boundary of the Exclusive Economic Zone.

The SNE EA is bounded on the East by straight lines connecting the following points in the order stated:

N. Latitude W. Longitude
41°18.6’ 66°24.8’
40°55.5’ 66°38’
40°45.5’ 68°00’
40°37’ 68°00’
40°30.5’ 69°00’
40°22.7’ 69°00’
40°18.7’ 69°40’
40°50’ 69°40’
40°50’ 70°00’
North to the Shoreline of mainland MA 70°00’

Season: All year.

Gear: A vessel participating in the SNE EA and not fishing under a NE multispecies DAS may use gear with a minimum mesh size smaller than the minimum regulated mesh size to catch exempted species (including whiting). Minimum mesh size requirements for this area may be determined by other Federal fishing permits that you have. Please check the gear requirements for your other Federal fishing permits.

Possession Limits:

Note: Possession limits may be reduced to 2,000 lb for whiting and 400 lb for red hake if the in-season possession limit triggers are reached.

Additional Incidental Species Allowed: Incidental species allowed for retention when fishing for the exempted species above include: Butterfish, spiny dogfish (trawl), Atlantic herring, Atlantic mackerel, scup, shrimp, squid, summer flounder, weakfish, conger eels, sea robins, black sea bass, tautog (blackfish), blowfish, cunner, John Dory, mullet, bluefish, tilefish, longhorn sculpin, four spot flounder, alewife, hickory shad, American shad, blueback herring, sea ravens, Atlantic croaker, spot, swordfish; monkfish and monkfish parts – up to 10%, by weight, of all other species on board or up to 50 lb tail weight (146 lb whole weight) of monkfish per trip, whichever is less; American lobster – up to 10%, by weight, of all other species on board or 200 lobsters, whichever is less; and skate and skate parts – up to 10%, by weight, of all other species on board.

Note: Several species on this list are regulated by individual states and/or the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). For information regarding the applicable rules, please contact the ASMFC at (202) 289-6400.