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Greater Atlantic Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Program


  • VMS Reimbursement Program - Grant funds are available on a 'first come-first serve' basis to eligible vessel owners/operators who have purchased a VMS unit to comply with fishery regulations requiring the use of a VMS unit. The funds will be used to reimburse owners/operators for the purchase price of the VMS unit up to $3,100. In the Greater Atlantic Region, the reimbursement program extends to the following rulemaking:
    • Framework 17 to the General Category Scallop FMP
    • Framework 42 to the Multispecies FMP
    • Framework 1 to the Surfclam/Ocean Quahog FMP
    • Amendment 11 to the General Category Scallop FMP
    • Amendment 16 to the Multispecies FMP
    • Amendment 5 to the Herring FMP
    • Amendment 14 to the Squid, Mackerel, Butterfish FMP
    • SkyMate ST-2500G and CLS TST type approval non-renewals effective September 30, 2015
    • Network Innovations Sailor Gold replacement.
  • VMS units activated prior to July 5, 2006 are no longer eligible for reimbursement. Call the VMS Support Center at 1-888-219-9228 to verify eligibility. Information is also available on the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission website at Click here for the Federal Register notice of May 6, 2008 announcing a revision to the VMS reimbursement program and current reimbursement procedures.