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  • Atlantic Salmon: A Species in Need of a Spotlight

    Atlantic salmon are an iconic New England species. In addition to the ecosystem role these fish play, they have been an important indicator of economic health in our region. Read More . . .

  • NOAA Expands Critical Habitat for Right Whales

    Jan 26: Using new information not previously available, NOAA Fisheries is expanding critical habitat for endangered North Atlantic right whales. Read More . . .

  • NOAA Announces $9 Million for Habitat Restoration

    Funding will focus on projects that improve protected species recovery and support sustainable fisheries. Read More . . .

  • It's Gray Seal Pupping Season

    From December through February, gray seals give birth on islands and shoreline areas in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Read More . . .

  • $2.5 Million Available for Bycatch Solutions

    Feb 9: NOAA Fisheries is accepting applications through April 15 for the Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program. Read More . . .

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Update: Federal Funding for At-Sea Monitoring Likely to Extend into 2016
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Extension of Blueline Tilefish Emergency Action thru June 3, 2016
New award recognizes outstanding efforts to increase awareness and safeguard U.S. natural resources from climate change
Bass Fishing in the EEZ Restrictions Support Sustainability of Species
Update: Federal funding for at-sea monitoring ends December 31, 2015
NOAA Fisheries Announces Change to Lobster Area 4 Closure for 2016
NOAA Fisheries Announces Proposed Regs for Summer Flounder, Scup and Black Sea Bass
New law empowers U.S. to combat illegal fishing and seafood fraud

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