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NOAA Fisheries Service implemented the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan (ALWTRP) to reduce injuries and deaths of large whales due to incidental entanglement in fishing gear. The ALWTRP is an evolving plan that changes as NOAA Fisheries Service learns more about why whales become entangled and how fishing practices might be modified to reduce the risk of entanglement. It has several components including restrictions on where and how gear can be set; research into whale populations and whale behavior, as well as fishing gear interactions and modifications; outreach to inform and collaborate with fishermen and other stakeholders; and a large whale disentanglement program.

Right Whale
Right Whale Photo by David Wiley

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For more information on the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan, please contact the NOAA Fisheries Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office's Protected Resources Division at 978-281-9328