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  • GARFO Interns: What They Did This Summer

    As summer came to an end, our interns looked back on their experiences at the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office. Read More . . .

  • Finding the Next Sebasticook

    Restoring a smaller tributary to the Kennebec River yields historic river herring runs, bringing back fish, eagles, and revenue to the region. Read More . . .

  • Dam Removal in Plymouth, MA Restores Habitat

    This September, the final major step in the nearly 16-year project to restore Plymouth’s historic Town Brook began: the removal of the Holmes Dam. Read More . . .

  • Meet GARFO's Technical Assistance Team

    Meet our top notch team of technical experts who are here to resolve issues you may experience while using our electronic services. Read More . . .

  • Scalloper Trains GARFO Staff

    On October 4 and 5, approximately 25 GARFO staff will escape their desks and emails to learn about the scallop fishery from people who know it well, New Bedford scallop fishermen. Credit: Coonamessett Farm Foundation Read More . . .

Latest News

Third North Atlantic Right Whale Mortality of 2018 Confirmed
NOAA Fisheries Announces Proposed Measures to Modify Atlantic Mackerel In-Season Closure Provisions
NOAA Fisheries Seeks Comments on Future Modification to the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan's Closure Areas
NOAA Fisheries Approves Modifications to the Northeast Skate Complex Fishery Management Plan and 2018-2019 Quotas
Scup Winter II Period Quota and Possession Limit Increase, Effective October 1
Seal Strandings in Southern Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts
Groundfish Sector At-Sea Monitoring Provider Applications Due October 1
Young Right Whale Likely Died from Entanglement
Proposed Rule, Request for Comments; Atlantic Mackerel, Squid, and Butterfish; Amendment 20
Second North Atlantic Right Whale Mortality of 2018 Confirmed
NOAA Fisheries Awards More than $2.3 Million to 14 Projects under the 2018 Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program
NOAA Fisheries Reduces Sub-ACLs for Atlantic Herring Management Areas 1A, 1B, 2, and 3
Massachusetts Summer Flounder Fishery Closure Begins August 14
Comment Period Open on Proposed Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Commercial Accountability Measure Modifications
Illex Squid Directed Fishery Closes August 15
GARFO website will be down August 10 at 11pm for maintenance
NOAA Fisheries Approves Lease-Only Operations Plan for Sector 9, Amendment to Sector 7 Operations Plan, and Quota Allocations for Sectors 7 and 9
Fishing at 13 Artificial Reef Sites in New Jersey is Limited to Handline, Rod and Reel, and Spear Fishing
NOAA Fisheries Seeks Public Comment on Proposed Modifications to the Northeast Skate Complex Fishery Management Plan
New Voluntary Slow Speed Zone to Protect Right Whales Sighted 2 Nautical Miles South of Nantucket
NOAA Fisheries Announces 2018 Cost Recovery Fees for Surfclam and Ocean Quahog Cage Tags

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