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Evaluation is the systematic study and documentation of a project’s outcomes to improve effectiveness, determine impact, and/or inform decisions about continued efforts.  During project planning, evaluation provide information about an audience’s level of understanding, needs, and issues.  During implementation, evaluation informs adjustments and improvements.  Evaluation after project completion allows assessment of how well a project achieves its goals. The NOAA B-WET program strives for rigorous evaluation.  

Project-level evaluations have been supported as part of required B-WET grant activities to help grantees document results and improve their programs.  The California B-WET Program has developed comprehensive guidance documents that can assist grantees in designing evaluations for B-WET projects in any region.  You are encouraged to use this information to develop your evaluation.

Other useful evaluation resources: 

National Program Evaluation

B-WET has created a cross-region, internal evaluation system to monitor program implementation and outcomes on an ongoing basis. Results of this evaluation will be used to make adjustments to B-WET Federal Funding Opportunities (FFOs) and activities in order to improve the program. Once baseline data are available, B-WET staff will also be able to use these data to develop informed targets to serve as indicators of the program’s success. Ultimately, grantees will have access to reports aggregating their participating teachers’ responses to help inform their program development. This effort will complement the excellent project-level evaluation work conducted by B-WET grantees. 

Chesapeake Bay B-WET Program-level evaluation

The Chesapeake B-WET program was evaluated in 2006, to “determine whether the B-WET Chesapeake professional development and meaningful watershed educational experience programs were attaining short-term outcomes as measures of potential for a future citizenry committed to protect the Bay.”  It’s a good read!