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2009 B-WET Projects

  1. Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center: Watershed Investigation Program -- This partnership between the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Center, the Massachusetts Audubon Society and the Rockport Middle School is offering a program orientation and professional development workshop for 7th grade teachers to broaden their understanding of the local watershed and the ecosystem stressors that affect it. Students participate in 2-day field studies at local marine and estuarine sites to learn about invasive species, water quality and human impacts on these systems.
  2. SoundWaters: Long Island Sound Watershed Educational Experience -- SoundWaters transformed an existing in-school watershed pilot program into a comprehensive, experiential science experience for more than 4,000 8th grade students. These students are learning the essential vocabulary, definitions, and concepts of watershed science as well as the seven NOAA Ocean Literacy Principles through hands-on, investigative work at two field sites.
  3. Sturgis Charter Public School: The Estuary as a Natural Laboratory: A 4-year Cumulative High School Investigation of an Estuary and Watershed on Cape Cod, MA -- This program develops and implements classroom instruction modules followed by varied field explorations in the estuaries and watersheds of upper Cape Cod. Students in all four years of high school participate in a cumulative investigation of the Sandwich, MA Town Neck Beach environment in order to identify connections between different science disciplines and their applications to understanding the complexity and interconnectedness of natural systems.