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Geographic Information Systems in the Greater Atlantic

  • Fishing Activities

    We use GIS to analyze fishing activities and study the effectiveness of management actions. Read More . . .

  • Custom Charts and Graphics

    We use GIS to communicate information to constituents and the general public with custom charts and graphics. Read More . . .

  • Map Known Locations

    We use GIS to support decision-making in fisheries management and conserve marine resources. Read More . . .

  • Ocean Use

    We use GIS to represent fishing industry ocean use when working with other marine industries. Read More . . .

  • Regulated Waters

    We use GIS to illustrate where fishing activities are allowed or prohibited. Read More . . .

The management and conservation of marine resources relies on geographically-based data. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are designed to capture, store, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographical data.  The information contained within these systems is used to inform and support decision-making in fisheries management.  GIS also provides us with the tools to communicate the information contained within the system through the use of graphics.  The NMFS Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office’s Geographic Information Systems Program (GARFO GIS) coordinates and standardizes GIS work across GARFO.

At GARFO, GIS is used to:

… and more.

GARFO GIS Specialist
Dean-Lorenz Szumylo
(978) 282-8479