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Portland, ME

Photo credit: Gordon Chibroski

The city of Portland, Maine (43.66 N, 70.2 W) has 56.92 miles of coastline. It is the largest city in Maine with the largest population of any city north of Boston. Since its settlement in 1632, fishing and trading industries have been economic drivers for this coastal city. Today, fishing is still an important part of the city's culture. It's also a popular cruise destination and one of the top oil ports on the east coast.

Recreational Fisheries

Portland has 22 commercial private and public waterfront facilities. It is home to a number of recreational fishing companies. They offer boat charters and fishing excursions.

Commercial Fisheries

One of the most important fishing associations in Portland is the Portland Fish Exchange. A non-profit organization owned by the city of Portland, it was the first open display fish auction in the United States. The Maine Lobstermen’s Association (MLA) is the largest commercial fishing industry group on the east coast, and represents the interests of 1200 lobstermen.

In 2013, Portland ranked 23st in commercial landings in the country (52 million pounds, worth an estimated $32 million). 

Top species harvested in port: Groundfish, Lobster, Monkfish, Herring, Scallop, Skate.