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NOAA Fisheries Announces Atlantic Surfclam and Ocean Quahog Catch Limits for 2017-2018
NOAA Fisheries Closes CT Summer Flounder Fishery Through Dec 31
Sea Turtle Recovery, New Jersey's Newest Rehabilitation Center, Admits First Patients
NOAA Fisheries Announces Changes to Groundfish Common Pool Trip Limits
NOAA Fisheries Announces Revised Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass Catch Limits
NOAA Fisheries Proposes Measures to Promote Fleet Diversity
NOAA Fisheries Seeks Comments on Data Collection for Atlantic Herring and Mackerel Squid Butterfish Fishery Management Plans
NOAA awards $8 million for coastal resiliency investments across the nation
NOAA Fisheries Announces New Mid-Atlantic Deep Sea Coral Protection Area
National Ocean Council Certifies First-in-Nation Northeast Ocean Plan
Humans and Humpbacks of New York
GIS Layers Now Available for Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument
NOAA Fisheries Announces Proposed 2017-2019 Atlantic Deep-Sea Red Crab Quotas
Mid-Atlantic Mariners: Watch Out for Migrating Right Whales
New York's Annual Commericial Bluefish Quota Harvested, Fishery Closes December 2
Update: Moriches Bay Humpack Whale Stranding
Humpback Stranded in Moriches Bay Euthanized
Media Advisory: Stranded Whale in Moriches bay
New York/New Jersey Boaters: Watch Out for Whales
NOAA Fisheries Proposes Summer Flounder Catch Limits for 2017-2018
NOAA Fisheries Announces Common Pool Area Closure and Trip Limit Adjustments for Georges Bank Cod
NOAA Fisheries Announces Reduced Trip Limit for Atlantic Herring Area 1B
NOAA Fisheries Announces Common Pool Area Closure for Witch Flounder
Reminder: Most Commercial Fishing Prohibited in New Northeast Canyons and Seamount Monument
NOAA Fisheries Announces Modification of Scup Southern Gear Restricted Area
NOAA Seeks Advisory Council Applicants For National Marine Sanctuaries
NOAA Fisheries Announces New Start Date for the Scallop Fishing Year and New Specifications Process
NOAA Fisheries Announces 2016-2018 Atlantic Herring Management Measures
Media Advisory: NOAA Announces Release of 2015 Fisheries of the U.S. Report
NOAA Appoints Dr. Jon Hare New Director of Northeast Fisheries Science Center
NOAA Announces October 28 Workshop on Sector and Vessel Reporting, Roles, and Responsibilities
NOAA Fisheries Announces Public Comment Period and Scoping for Jonah Crab Fishery
NOAA Fisheries Announces Herring Area 1A Trip Limit Reduction
NOAA Fisheries Announces Skate Bait Possession Limit Reduction
Industry-Funded Monitoring Public Hearing Document Now Posted Online
NOAA Fisheries Announces 15-Day Extension of Comment Period for Proposed Atlantic Sturgeon Critical Habitat
September Right Whale Incidents
Marine Mammal Experts Discuss Recent Right Whale Incidents in Maine
NOAA Fisheries Announces Proposed Rule to Protect Deep-Sea Corals in the Mid-Atlantic
Draft Industry-Funded Monitoring Omnibus Amendment Now Available Online for Public Comment
NOAA Fisheries Announces Public Hearing and Comment Period for Industry-Funded Monitoring Amendment
2017 Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishing Year to Start March 1
NOAA: New ocean noise guidelines show commitment to address effects on marine mammals
Successful conservation efforts pay off for humpback whales
NOAA Grants Support Technical Solutions to Bycatch Reduction
NOAA grants to aid marine mammal rescue and stranding programs
NOAA Fisheries Announces Adjustments to FY2016 Northeast Multispecies Catch Limits
NOAA Fisheries Announces Scup Quota Rollover for Winter II Period
Massachusetts Commercial Summer Flounder Fishery Closed Effective August 19
NOAA Fisheries Announces Proposed Rule to Modify Scup Gear Restricted Areas
NOAA Fisheries Announces Measures for Northeast Skate Complex
NOAA awards $5.4 million in grants for endangered, threatened species recovery
NOAA Fisheries Announces Common Pool Area Closure for Gulf of Maine Cod
NOAA Fisheries Proposes Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan Amendment
Northern Red Hake Possession Limit Reduced Effective August 16, 2016
Northern Red Hake Possession Limit Reduced Effective August 8, 2016
NOAA Fisheries releases final acoustic guidance
U.S. Department of Commerce announces remaining 2016 appointment to the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council
NOAA Fisheries Announces 2016 Recreational and Commercial Rules for Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass
NOAA Fisheries Announces Catch Limits for the 2016-2018 Atlantic Bluefish Fishery
NOAA Announces New Fisheries Allocation Policy
Recreational Fishermen: Gulf of Maine Cod Season Opens August 1
Humpback Whales Visit New York
NOAA recommends $9 million in funding for community-based habitat restoration
NOAA Fisheries Publishes Notice of Availability for Proposed Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan Amendment
NOAA Fisheries Announces Common Pool Area Closure for Georges Bank Cod
Fishing for Energy Request for Proposals 2016
Reminder: Atlantic Sturgeon Critical Habitat Informational Meetings and Public Hearings
NOAA Fisheries Announces Lobster Trap Transfer Application Workshop
Right Whale Calf Mortality Update
NOAA Fisheries Announces Revised 2016-2017 Red Hake Catch Limits
New GIS Datasets Available on Our Website
NOAA Fisheries Announces 2016 Appointments to Regional Fishery Management Councils
NOAA Fisheries Announces Closure of the Longfin Squid Trimester II Directed Fishery
NOAA Fisheries Announces Proposed Management Measures for Monkfish
Northeast Fishery Observer Sea-Day Schedule Posted, Short-Term Reimbursement for Groundfish At-Sea Monitoring Available July 1
NOAA Fisheries Will Post Herring Area 1A Catches Twice Weekly
NOAA Fisheries Announces Proposed 2016-2018 Management Measures for Spiny Dogfish
NOAA Fisheries Announces Proposed 2016-2018 Management Measures for Atlantic Herring
NOAA seeks proposals for up to $8.5 million for coastal resilience projects
NOAA Fisheries Announces Cape Cod/Gulf of MaineYellowtail Trimester Total Allowable Catch Area Closure
Penobscot River Restoration Project Celebrates Final Milestone, Reconnects River to the Sea
NOAA Fisheries Announces Surfclam/Ocean Quahog Cost Recovery Program for 2017 and Other Measures
NOAA Fisheries Announces Closure of Nantucket Lightship North Scallop Access Area for Limited Access General Category Fleet
NOAA Fisheries Announces Interim Management Measures for Blueline Tilefish in the Greater Atlantic Region
National Aquarium to Release Rehabilitated Sea Turtles on World Sea Turtle Day
NOAA Fisheries Announces Witch Flounder Catch Area Closure for Common Pool
2016-2017 Monkfish Research Set-Aside Awards Announced
NOAA Fisheries Announces Proposed Rules for Northeast Skate Fishery
MEDIA ADVISORY: NOAA holds press call on Swedish proposal to prohibit American lobsters to the European Union
NOAA Statement: Seal Pup on Old Orchard Beach, Maine
NOAA Issues Proposed Rules Designating Critical Habitat for Atlantic Sturgeon
Media Availability: NOAA discusses proposed Atlantic sturgeon critical habitat designations in the Northeast and Southeast regions
NOAA announces more than $11 million in grants
Reminder: Recreational Groundfish Transit Rules for Gulf of Maine
NOAA Fisheries and ASMFC Announce River Herring Conservation Plan 2015 Updates
NOAA Fisheries Announces Proposed Recreational Rules for Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass
NOAA Fisheries Releases Design Guidelines for Nature-like Fish Passages
Tour of New Fishways Along Saugatucket River Friday, May 20
NOAA Fisheries Releases Draft Northeast Climate Science Action Plan

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GARFO Stories

  • When Salt Marsh Habitats Need Help - Habitat conservation biologists visited a number of salt marsh sites in Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey to evaluate need for living shorelines or other stabilization projects.
  • New Northeast Regional Climate Action Plan - NOAA Fisheries today released an action plan aimed at better positioning people in the Northeast to deal with what happens to valuable marine life as waters warm.
  • Whale SENSE Atlantic Has a Banner Year in 2016 - In 2016, the responsible whale watching program Whale SENSE Atlantic hit two records: the highest number of participants (16) and the most large whale entanglements documented by participants (13). Photo courtesy of Whale and Dolphin Conservation.
  • Mid-Atlantic's New Deep-Sea Coral Protection Area - The Mid-Atlantic's newly designated Frank R. Lautenberg Deep-Sea Coral Protection Area goes into effect on January 13, 2017. (Lophelia colony, Deepwater Canyons 2012 Expedition, NOAA-OER/BOEM)
  • Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Monument FAQs - Nov 7: President Obama designated the first marine national monument in the Atlantic Ocean, the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument. Find out what it means.
  • NOAA Releases Fisheries of the U.S. Report 2015 - Oct 26: According to the latest Fisheries of the U.S. Report, 2015 was another above-average year for fishing and seafood consumption, with Americans adding nearly an extra pound of seafood to their diets.
  • NOAA Reviews Method of Estimating Discarded Fish - We are reviewing our method of estimating discards, and are opening the process up to the public through a webinar on October 31 and a three-day workshop November 7-9.
  • American Shad: Making a Comeback - The Habitat Conservation Division is helping shad recover using authority we have under several laws. (Photo of shad migration at Conowingo Dam courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program)
  • So Much Trash in Our Oceans! - Addressing the significant problem of trash in our waters, also known as marine debris. Photo: Stockton University, Elizabeth Zimmermann
  • Learning from Fishermen - Learning about the complexities of fishing gear from those who know it best: commercial fishermen.
  • Deep-Sea Coral Protection in Mid-Atlantic - Sep 27: NOAA Fisheries announced a proposed rule to designate a deep-sea coral protection area in the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Exeter's Great Dam Removal - Sept 8: On Friday, September 9, the town of Exeter, New Hampshire celebrates the removal of the Great Dam and the restoration of the Exeter River.
  • Humpback Whales Take Steps Toward Recovery - Are humpback whales still endangered, or have their populations recovered enough since whaling ended that they can now be taken off the Endangered Species List? It's complicated.
  • See a Tangled Turtle? Call Our Hotline - The Center for Coastal Studies in Provincetown has successfully disentangled six leatherback sea turtles already this summer, and we may see more in the coming weeks as the water remains warm. (Credit: PCCS)
  • Aid to Marine Mammal Rescue & Stranding Programs - NOAA Fisheries awarded nearly $3 million in grants to support the conservation and recovery of protected marine species through stranding response and marine mammal rescue and rehabilitation.
  • Technical Solutions to Bycatch Reduction - NOAA’s Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program has awarded $889,948 to 6 institutions in the Greater Atlantic Region. (UNH trawl net design. Credit: Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University, Newfoundland)
  • NOAA Enforcement Reaching Out - About five years ago, NOAA’s Office of Law Enforcement (OLE) in the Northeast Region strengthened its compliance assistance and outreach efforts by creating a new Compliance Liaison position.
  • $5.4M Awarded for Species Recovery Grants - Aug 17: NOAA awards $5.4 million in grants to states and tribes in all coastal regoins to help in the recovery of endangered and threatened marine species.
  • Spiny Dogfish Trip Limit Increased to 6000 lbs - Aug 12: NOAA Fisheries announces the 2016-2018 final management measures for the spiny dogfish fishery, including a trip limit increase effective Aug 15.
  • Saltonstall-Kennedy Funding Webinar Aug 17 - On August 17 at 3pm EST, NOAA Fisheries will be conducting a Webinar/Townhall on how to find and apply for Fiscal Year 2017 Saltonstall-Kennedy Funding.
  • Protecting Habitat: Going Where the Wind Blows - Aug 10: Offshore wind turbines are enormous. As the agency responsible for conserving and managing the oceans, we want to know how this pursuit of “green” energy will affect the fish and their habitats.
  • NOAA Announces New Partnerships to Restore Habitat - NOAA is announcing $8.9 million in funding for three Great Lakes habitat restoration partnerships.
  • Porbeagle Sharks Not Threatened or Endangered - Earlier this year, we published a positive 90-day finding in response to petitions to list porbeagle sharks.
  • Gulf of Maine Cod Season Opens Aug 1 - From August 1 to September 30, recreational fishermen may retain one cod per day in the Gulf of Maine.
  • Humpback Whales Visit New York - Over the last few days, boaters and fishermen have reported sightings of humpback whales in the far western stretch of Long Island Sound. Reminder to boaters in Long Island Sound: Watch for whales!
  • Fish and Ships Get Safe Harbor - July 25: This summer marks the end of an era for the waters around the Statue of Liberty. New York and New Jersey’s harbor deepening project will complete improvements.
  • FY17 SK Grants Competition Announced - Jul 22: NOAA Fisheries announces approximately $10 million available to support fisheries projects through the 2017 Saltonstall-Kennedy (SK) Grant competition.
  • So Who Manages Our Fisheries Data?! - July 21: We need a great deal of data to manage our fisheries effectively.
  • How Can We Communicate Better? Survey Says…! - Every day we strive to communicate effectively and engage with our stakeholders by promoting two-way dialogue.
  • Longline Aquaculture Workshop Summary - July 11: In September 2015, 44 experts in aquaculture, commercial fishing gear technology, marine sciences, and protected species met to discuss longline aquaculture gear.
  • See a Tangled Turtle? Call Our Hotline - Add 866-755-6622 to your contacts. Celebrate Sea Turtle Week 2016 with this short lesson on what to do if you see a tangled turtle (pictured: blue line around leatherback sea turtle).
  • Celebrate Sea Turtle Week! - During NOAA’s Sea Turtle Week, June 13-17, discover more about these fascinating creatures who have been around since the dinosaurs.
  • Celebrating the Cultural Significance of Salmon - On a beautiful Saturday in May, we gathered with members from the Penobscot Nation, Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, Passamaquoddy Tribe
  • Protecting Shorelines and Habitat on Craney Island - June 2: Even large-scale shoreline stabilization projects can provide healthy fish habitats that support healthy fisheries.
  • FY16 Successful SK Grant Applicants - June 2: NOAA is announcing over $11 million in funding for 50 recommended projects under the FY16 Saltonstall-Kennedy Grants Program, of which 22 projects are in the Greater Atlantic Region requesting over $4.6 million in federal support.
  • Proposed Atlantic Sturgeon Critical Habitat - NOAA Fisheries today announced two proposed rules to designate critical habitat for five distinct population segments of federally listed Atlantic sturgeon.
  • Meet Our New Recreational Fisheries Coordinator - To support recreational fisheries in our region, Moira Kelly came on board in April as our Recreational Fisheries Coordinator.
  • Students Celebrate Endangered Species with Art - May 26: Amazing artwork from students in grades K-12 celebrated at Awards Ceremony in Gloucester.
  • Fisheries Economics of the U.S. 2014 Report - May 26: NOAA Fisheries released updated economic statistics on the nation's commercial fishing and seafood industry, and recreational fisheries and marine-related businesses.
  • No Selfies with Seals - May 26: Seal pupping season is underway in New England. If you are headed to the beach this Memorial Day weekend, you might see a seal pup resting on the beach. Photo: Marine Mammals of Maine
  • Little River Dedication Ceremony - May 23: On a sunny Monday morning, a group of around 100 people assembled at an unlikely spot, the West Gloucester Water Treatment Plant, to celebrate the restoration of the Little River.
  • Notice to Boaters: Watch Out for Whales - Whales have returned to our waters for the summer, so we want to take this opportunity to remind mariners that vessels 65 feet or greater in length are required to travel at 10 knots or less in certain areas.
  • Let’s Grow: Meet Our New Aquaculture Coordinator - To encourage the development of aquaculture in the region, we brought on board a new Aquaculture Coordinator, biologist Kevin Madley.
  • Celebrate World Fish Migration Day May 21 - Take part in a global celebration with more than 350 events scheduled worldwide, all geared toward creating awareness of the importance of migratory fish and the river systems that they depend upon for survival.
  • Celebrate Endangered Species Day May 20 - Endangered Species Day is an annual celebration and opportunity for people to learn about endangered and threatened species and what we can all do to help them.
  • Chatham Right Whale Calf Mortality Update - Preliminary necropsy results show propeller wounds that suggest a pre-mortem vessel interaction. Photo credit: International Fund for Animal Welfare. NMFS Permit #18786
  • May 19: Thorny Skate Extinction Risk Workshop - NOAA Fisheries is hosting a Thorny Skate Extinction Risk Workshop to discuss the threats to thorny skates and their risk of extinction.
  • Lobster Trap Tag Team Wins Award of Excellence - ASMFC's Annual Awards of Excellence recipients from left: Todd Smith, Peter Burns, Mike Cahall, Cheri Patterson, Allison Murphy, Deputy Chief Kurt Blanchard, Jason McNamee, Chip Lynch
  • New Plan to Restore Penobscot River Watershed - We released a new plan for restoring sea-run fish to the Penobscot River, part of an overarching effort to support healthy freshwater, coastal, and marine ecosystems, as well as vibrant coastal communities.
  • New Regional Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Plan - We are excited to announce NOAA Fisheries' Greater Atlantic Region Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Implementation Plan for 2016-2017.
  • Celebrating River Herring - Apr 21: Nearly 400 years ago, the Mayflower touched down near Plymouth Rock, tucked deep into western shore of Cape Cod Bay. Without Town Brook, and its runs of river herring, Plymouth Colony might not have succeeded.
  • Repairing Aging Infrastructure and Protecting Fish - To protect important fish habitats including spawning and feeding areas, the Habitat Conservation Division reviews bridge plans and provides recommendations. (Photo credit: Maine DOT)
  • Sea Scallop Research Set-Aside Awards Announced - We are pleased to announce that 15 research projects have been selected for support from the 2016 Sea Scallop Research Set-Aside (RSA) program.
  • Final Rule Issued for Revised Green Turtle Listing - Conservation efforts for Florida, Pacific coast green sea turtles working, agencies say
  • Draft Atlantic Salmon Recovery Plan Available - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries have released a draft recovery plan for endangered Atlantic salmon within the Gulf of Maine region, open for comment through May 31, 2016.
  • Fishing Boats to Test Weather Stations - The Northeast Fisheries Science Center's Northeast Cooperative Research Program has been working with the region’s commercial fishing industry for years to expand electronic fisheries data collection.
  • Working Together to Protect Endangered Species - NOAA Fisheries biologists work with other federal agencies to ensure that in-water activities minimize effects to protected marine species. Photo: Zach Jylkka/Deepwater Wind Rhode Island. Credit: Matt Robertson/ESS Group, Inc.
  • Working with Fishermen to Find Solutions - March 11: A February 18 collaborative workshop with industry, researchers, and managers on small-mesh multispecies fishing regulations in the Gulf of Maine discussed ideas for changes to whiting exempted fishing areas.
  • Take Our Communications Survey - NOAA Fisheries is conducting a survey of stakeholders in the GAR to gain a better understanding of your communications needs.
  • #SalmonChat on Twitter with NOAA's Dan Kircheis - Join us Feb 18 at 1pm on Twitter for a #SalmonChat with NOAA Scientist Dan Kircheis to find out about our new action plan to help critically endangered Atlantic salmon populations recover.
  • Atlantic Salmon in the Spotlight: 5-Year Plan - Feb 10: NOAA Fisheries releases five-year action plans for eight "Species in the Spotlight" including Atlantic salmon.
  • $2.5 Million Available for Bycatch Solutions - Feb 9: NOAA Fisheries is accepting applications through April 15 for the Bycatch Reduction Engineering Program.
  • It's Gray Seal Pupping Season - From December through February, gray seals give birth on islands and shoreline areas in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.
  • NOAA Announces $9 Million for Habitat Restoration - Funding will focus on projects that improve protected species recovery and support sustainable fisheries.


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