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Georges Bank Yellowtail Flounder News

In August/September 2011, as a result of lower than expected recruitment and continued poor stock conditions, a joint U.S./Canada management body made up of managers and fishermen and known as the Transboundary Management Guidance Committee, recommended reduced catch limits for Georges Bank yellowtail flounder for fishermen in both countries in 2012. The New England Fishery Management Council adopted these total allowable catches at its September 2011 Council meeting and incorporated them into its latest revision to the groundfish fishery management plan (Framework 47). NOAA Fisheries Service approved and implemented the new catch limits on May 1.

Given the magnitude of the catch limit reduction (61 percent) in 2012, NOAA Fisheries and the Council established a joint working group to work with the fishing industry and other interested parties to identify fishing opportunities despite the significant catch limit reductions.