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John Bullard Discusses Draft Working Document on Resources to Help Groundfish Industry -- Ideas Welcome!

On Monday, June 24, Administrator John Bullard hosted public conference call to solicit feedback from fishermen and other stakeholders on the draft Working Document on Resources to Support the Northeast Groundfish Industry. This document is a compilation of some information and ideas to help this industry maintain its viability through these challenging times. It is a starting point from which industry members, government agencies, elected officials, non-governmental organizations, and others can take action to help preserve this fishery.

The objectives of this strategy are:

  1. Make fishermen and support businesses aware of the various forms of assistance available to them;
  2. Assemble the key agencies and entities that can provide that support; 
  3. With our partners, improve this document over time to address emerging issues; and 
  4. Undertake the actions that fall within our purview.

Click here to view the Draft Strategy.

To listen to a recording of the June 24 public conference call click here.

For more information, contact Olivia Rugo, Regional Office, at 978-675-2167 or email her at