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Reminder: Recreational Groundfish Transit Rules for Gulf of Maine

A recreational fishing vessel may possess cod that was caught outside the Gulf of Maine while passing through the Gulf of Maine, as long as all bait and hooks are removed from fishing rods and any cod and haddock on board has been gutted and stored, and the vessel doesn't have more than allowed in the area where the fish was caught.

For all the details, please read our fishery bulletin (pdf).

Reminder about recreational groundfish measures for the Gulf of Maine:

Recreational GOM 2016 Cod Measures:

Season: Open Aug 1-Sep 30, Closed May 1-Jul 31, Oct 1-Apr 30
Per Day Possession: 1 fish
Minimum Size: 24 inches


Recreational GOM 2016 Haddock Measures:

Season: Open Apr 15-Feb 28, Closed Mar 1-Apr 14
Per Day Possession: 15 fish
Minimum Size: 17 inches

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