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Reminder: Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan Closures

March 19, 2018

To reduce serious injuries and deaths of right, humpback, and fin whales due to incidental entanglement in commercial trap/pot and gillnet gear from Maine to Florida, we developed the Atlantic Large Whale Take Reduction Plan (ALWTRP). It is an evolving plan that changes as we learn more about why whales become entangled and how fishing practices might be modified to reduce the risk of entanglement.

There are several current and upcoming area closures to protect right, humpback, and fin whales in our regional waters. Trap/pot and gillnet gear restrictions, modifications, and area-specific gear markings are also required in areas that are open to fishing

If you have questions about gear requirements, please contact the fishery liaison for your area: John Higgins (978) 711-3669 in New England, or Glenn Salvador (757) 414-0128 in the Mid-Atlantic Region.