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Reminder to Skate Fishery: Barndoor Skates Still Prohibited, 2017 Quotas in Place

April 30, 2018

The new skate fishery regulations proposed within Framework Adjustment 5 will not be in place by May 1, 2018, the start of the fishing year. 

Thus, the current regulations, including the prohibition on retention, possession, and landing of barndoor skates and the 2017 quotas, will remain in place until further notice. The wing and bait possession limits remain unchanged.

Framework Adjustment 5 proposes to:

  • Set quotas for the 2018-2019 fishing year;
  • Allow limited possession of barndoor skate in the skate wing fishery; and
  • Exempt vessels from some specific domestic skate regulations when fishing exclusively within the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization Regulatory Area.

We plan to have the proposed rule out later this spring.

The 2017 quotas and the proposed quotas for 2018 are below.


Possession limits are below.


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