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NOAA Fisheries Approves Modifications to the Northeast Skate Complex Fishery Management Plan

February 14, 2019

Framework Adjustment 6 reduces the current management uncertainty buffer between the annual catch limit and catch target, allowing for a 20-percent increase in the total allowable landings in the wing and bait fisheries for the 2018 and 2019 fishing years. Specifically, the final rule will:

  • Adjust the management uncertainty buffer from 25 percent to 10 percent.
  • Increase the annual catch target for the skate complex to 28,194 mt from 23,495 mt.
  • Increase total allowable landings of skate wings to 10,499 mt from 8,749 mt.
  • Increase the total allowable landings of skate bait to 5,289 mt from 4,408 mt

To get all the details on these management measures, read the final rule as filed in the Federal Register today and the permit holder bulletin posted on our website. Framework 6 does not make any adjustments to current possession limits.


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