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NOAA Fisheries Service Implements Sea Scallop Emergency Action

NOAA Fisheries Service implements an observer service provider program for the Atlantic Sea Scallop fishery including criteria for becoming an approved observer service provider, observer certification criteria, decertification criteria, and observer deployment logistics.  This emergency rule (Effective from June 16, 2006 through December 13, 2006) re-activats the industry-funded observer program implemented under the Atlantic Sea Scallop Fishery Management Plan through a scallop total allowable catch (TAC) and days-at-sea (DAS) set-aside program that helps vessel owners defray the cost of carrying observers.  Under this emergency action, scallop vessel owners, operators, or vessel managers are required to procure certified fishery observers for specified scallop fishing trips from an approved observer service provider.  This emergency rule maintains the existing requirements for scallop vessel owners to pay for observers whether or not scallop TAC or DAS set-aside is available.  For more information regarding the amended regulations, contact Pete Christopher, Fishery Policy Analyst, at 978-281-9288.

Last Updated: July 6, 2006

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