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Workshop on Multispecies Sector and Vessel Reporting, Roles, and Responsibilities

October 28, 2016

Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office
55 Great Republic Drive, Gloucester, MA*

The goal of the workshop is to increase understanding and clarity about the reporting process and data reconciliation, including the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved. We will discuss how we use the data in management.  We will also discuss possible streamlining and improvements now that we collectively have years of experience operating the sector system.


9:30-10:30        Overview of sector and vessel reporting (GARFO staff)

10:30-11:00      Roles:  vessel operator, sector manager (discussion led by GARFO staff)

11:00-12:00      Process improvement ideas (discussion led by Mark Grant)       

12:00-1:00        Data use in stock assessments (NEFSC staff)

1:00-1:30          Other issues, including sector manager concerns about legal liability

*If you cannot attend, you may still participate by using WebEx and a phone line:

WebEx Link:

          Event number: 667 422 398
          Event password: Meeting123

Conference Line:  866.708.9484
Participant Code:  2946980