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Streamlined IT Permit Process

Private dam owners within the geographic area of the GOM DPS of Atlantic salmon have to acquire an Incidental Take Permit (ITP) to comply with their obligations under the ESA.  However, individual dam owners can work with NOAA to develop their own individual Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) or they can participate in a General Conservation Plan (GCP) to be authorized to take listed Atlantic salmon.

Development of a conservation plan (HCP or GCP) is required for any individual to receive an ITP for a federally listed species which could be harmed as a result of implementing a project on private land.  Both plans need to include all the necessary regulatory documents required to issue an ITP.  Because the GCPs already contain all the necessary supporting documents fulfilling all the regulatory and statutory requirements of the ESA, it effectively streamlines the permit process for qualified, private dam owners and makes it easier for them to meet their obligations under federal laws.

Each HCP or GCP includes measures that are required to avoid and minimize any potential take of federally listed Atlantic salmon.

West Winterport dam removal.  
Photo credit: Atlantic Salmon Federation.

Fishway on the Damariscotta River, Maine.  
Photo credit: NOAA.

NOAA would like to help private dam owners who are interested in acquiring an ITP, as it will authorize the permit holder a small level of incidental take in order to implement the activities described in their individual HCP or a GCP.

We recognize most non-federal entities and private citizens have limited resources and cannot afford the high costs associated with the development of an HCP for their dam.  We also acknowledge the time and effort it takes for NOAA to issue an ITP can be very extensive and may extend project timelines.

The intent in developing these GCPs are to help private dam owners in the GOM DPS overcome these difficulties and assist in the recovery of endangered Atlantic salmon. Because individual dam owners are responsible for impacts to salmon from their dam operations, we are encouraging participation in a GCP for removal of your dam or installing a fishway at your existing dam location.