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Funding and Collaborative Opportunities

Nature like fishway providing passage for diadromous fish over an existing small dam on the Sedgeunkedunk stream, Orrington, Maine.  Credit: NOAA

NOAA offers various ways to assist individuals in the implementation of dam removal or installation of fish passage. Several times each year, proposals are requested for individual projects, either directly by NOAA’s Restoration Center or through its partners.  In addition to nationwide funding opportunities, regional funding opportunities are also available through the NOAA Restoration Center partnerships and are announced throughout the year providing open competitions for restoration funds. These cooperative partnerships target regional restoration priorities and leverage NOAA contributions with local resources.  During open announcements, applications should be directed to the partner organization for more detailed information on deadlines, applications, etc.

NOAA Habitat Conservation/Restoration Center:

List of Northeast United States funding opportunities with NOAA Restoration Center:

Other federal partners offer funding and opportunities for collaboration with private partners and Non-Governmental Organizations:

United States Fish and Wildlife Service Fish Passage Program

Atlantic Salmon Federation Maine Council

Trout Unlimited Maine Council

The Nature Conservancy of Maine