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Atlantic Coast States Cooperative Planning for Right Whale Recovery Program (2004) - 4 Funded Projects

Project Title

State Agency

Funding Received

Project Summary

Final Report

State of Florida Right Whale Coordinator

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission


Continue to implement right whale recovery plan tasks in Florida, including data collection and planning.

Florida Right Whale Coordinator

South Carolina and Georgia Right Whale Monitoring

South Carolina Dept. of Natural Resources


Conduct aerial surveys off the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia to locate North Atlantic right whales in an effort to reduce ship strikes.

Monitoring North Atlantic Right Whales off the Coasts of South Carolina and Georgia 2004-2005

Massachusetts Right Whale Conservation Program

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries


Continue implementation of the Right Whale Conservation Program, which includes conducting studies on whale-safe fishing gear, increasing enforcement of gear regulations, monitoring right whales using bio-acoustic arrays, conducting outreach to fishermen and other maritime users, and coordinating inter-agency efforts.

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Right Whale Conservation Program 2005 Projects and Accomplishments

Maine Large Whale Conservation Plan

Maine Dept. of Marine Resources


Continue to implement the Cooperative Management Plan for Large Whales and Sea Turtles in the State of Maine (the Maine Recovery Plan), including sightings and disentanglement networks, gear modification research, and alternate risk reduction strategies.

Large Whale Cooperative Management Plan (ME)