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Atlantic Coast States Cooperative Planning for Right Whale Recovery Program (2006) - 6 Funded Projects

Project Title

State Agency

Funding Received

Project Summary

Final Report

Maine Large Whale Conservation Plan

Maine Dept. of Marine Resources


Continued support for some project staff as well as continued gear research on both vertical lines and groundlines.

Large Whale Cooperative Management Plan IV

Massachusetts Right Whale Conservation Program

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries


Continued support for non-buoyant groundline research, acoustic monitoring of right whales, and outreach efforts to reduce large whale entanglement.

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Protected Species Program Projects and Accomplishments

Co-occurrence of Ships, Whales and Fishing Gear in Virginia

Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries


Support for the collection of shipping data near Chesapeake Bay, which are needed to evaluate the efficacy of ship strike mitigation and develop strategies for reducing mortality.

Final Programmatic Report - Whales, Ships and Gear II

Enhance GA/FL Right Whale Disentanglement Response

Georgia Department of Natural Resources


Improve right whale entanglement response in Georgia by providing support for disentanglement tools, coordination with Florida, and the strategic placement of trained entanglement responders.

Enhance Right Whale Disentanglement Response

Risk of Right Whale and Vessel Interactions in the Southeast U.S Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission $70,633 Provide support for a study to model the risk of vessel interactions with right whales in the Southeastern U.S. critical habitat by using existing right whale sightings data as well as vessel traffic data. Evaluation of Relative Risk of Co-Occurrence of North Atlantic Right Whales and Vessels in the Southeastern United States (SEUS) Calving Grounds
State of Florida Right Whale Coordinator (continuation) Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission $76,530 Provide continued support for a Right Whale Coordinator in the state of Florida for the continued implementation of the Right Whale Recovery Plan in Florida waters. State of Florida Right Whale Coordinator II