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Right Whale Research Program (2004) – 7 Funded Projects

Project Title

Funding Received

Project Summary

Final Report

Design and Construction of a Knotless Release Link


Design and construct a knotless line cutter as an integral part of a plastic buoy stick using quick attach technology. Test and record hydrodynamic coefficients over a range of travel velocities that might be associated with an entangled whale.

No Final Report. Project Terminated.

Remote Fishing Gear Data Identification


Develop and test a microchip interrogator (that can be used by aircraft or standoff surface craft) to identify the radio frequency identification (RFID) chip technology developed for fishing gear rope identification (“Investigations into the Adaptation of Microchip Technology to the Identification of Fishing Lines”).

No Final Report. Project Terminated.

Offshore Link for Lobster Buoy Lines


Create a mold to produce off-the-shelf weak links in a variety of breaking strengths, such as 600 lb., 1100 lb., 1500 lb., and 2000 lb.

Offshore Link for Lobster Buoy Lines

Lobster Groundline Buyback and Recycling Business Plan


Develop a business management plan with a variety of collaborators, including the Maine lobster industry, aimed at reducing the use of floating line in the Maine lobster fishery. Components of the Management Plan include the identification and development of a groundline buyback and recycling program.

Lobster Groundline Buyback and Recycling (ME)

Trigger Release – A Knotless Buoy Line Cutter


Develop a release mechanism (similar to the time tension line cutter) that is attached to the buoy and contains a pre-loaded cutting blade that senses a load, for example, if a large whale is entangled by the mouth in the buoy line.

Trigger Release - A Knotless Buoy Line Cutter

Jog Lock Gear Device


Develop a device that will allow inshore lobster fishermen to safely and effectively haul back gear that is rigged with a time tension line cutter.

Jog Lock Fin Gear Device

Microchip Insertion Tool for Identifying Fishing Lines


Design and develop a hand-manipulated device that would allow for the implantation of microchips into fishing lines. These microchips would allow for the identification of entangling lines on large whales.

Final Report Not Yet Received.