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Welcome to the Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office’s Protected Resources Division

  • We Find Solutions

    NOAA works with fishing industry, scientists, and conservation groups to find new solutions for reducing protected species bycatch in fishing gear. Read More . . .

  • We Conserve Sea Turtles

    Managing, conserving, and rebuilding populations of sea turtles from Maine through Virginia. Read More . . .

  • We Recover Protected Species

    (University of Maine) Shortnose sturgeon are listed under the Endangered Species Act as an endangered species throughout their range in the United States. Read More . . .

  • We Support Healthy Habitats

    NOAA staff work with states and other organizations to protect and recover habitats important to endangered fish like Atlantic Salmon. Read More . . .

  • We Protect Marine Mammals

    Our office protects, conserves, and recovers populations of marine mammal by implementing the Marine Mammal Protection Act. Read More . . .


The Protected Resources Division is dedicated to managing, conserving, and rebuilding populations of marine mammals and endangered and threatened marine and anadromous species in rivers, bays, estuaries and marine waters of the Northeast.  Through management, conservation and recovery efforts, and public outreach and education under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and Endangered Species Act, we strive to ensure the survival of the protected marine species in the Northeast United States for future generations. Protected Resources Division is comprised of four programs:  Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Conservation, Endangered Species Consultations (Section 7), and Endangered Species Act Listed Fish and Species of Concern, and Endangered Species Listings, Monitoring, and Outreach.

We Protect, Conserve, and Manage:

What's New in the Protected Resources Division? 

Our Programs:

Endangered Species Act Consultations & Cooperative Agreements

Marine Mammal & Sea Turtle Program

Sturgeon, Salmon, Proactive Conservation Program

PRD Research Priorities and Funding


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Protected Resources Division Main Office: 978-281-9328

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